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Summer Bonbons Six Piece Collection

Summer Bonbons Six Piece Collection

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An assortment of Bixby &. Co.’s Summer Themed Bonbons including: Lemon Basil Bonbons,Raspberry Rose Bonbons, Maine Blueberry Mojito Bonbons, Honey Lavender Bonbons, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Bonbons, Maine Blueberry Jam Bonbons.


Bonbons are small confectionery treats covered or more precisely “enrobed” in chocolate. Bonbons first appeared in the French royal court in the 17th century, taking their name from the French word “bon” meaning good.

Bonbons and truffles are sometimes used interchangeably and can be confused with one another. Truffles have chocolate centers and are most usually dusted with cocoa. Bonbons are more eclectic, having centers with an endless number of flavored ganache (chocolate, cream and butter) including spirits such as brandy and rum. Bonbons can also be made with cheese and tahini, herbs, jellies and jams.

Bonbons are an exquisite finish to a dinner party, whether it be a casual or formal affair.