Introducing Needhams!!


As iconic to Maine as the lobster and the first sunrise, the Needham is  “a real Maine thing.”  It first appeared in 1872 in Seavey’s, at that time, a Portland confectionery, where an employee made a square chocolate covered treat of shredded coconut and mashed potato.  Yes, potato — the noble Maine spud. 

Bixby & Co. and R. H. Reny’s have teamed up to provide Mainers and their guests with Needhams year-round.  Our Needhams are crafted in small batches with all natural and non-GMO coconut and smooth potato dipped in rich dark chocolate. They are Kosher certified, gluten-free, and vegan . Needhams will be offered in 2-piece and 4-piece snacking pouches.    

In a recent taste test, Bixby Needhams were declared “the best ever” for their freshness and creamy consistency. 

 Needhams, “need’em.” A real Maine thing!