The Bixby & Co. Story

Kate McAleer

Craft Candy Entrepreneur

Bixby & Co. was founded by Kate McAleer.  Kate represents a new breed of young entrepreneurs who are breaking with the traditional career path.  They possess a renewed American spirit that drives them to create new businesses that are socially responsible while incredibly supportive of local communities.  Kate’s life experiences have shaped every aspect of the Bixby chocolate company.  The greatest inspiration for her recipes has been her strong, intimate relationships with family and community in addition to an active, health-conscious lifestyle.

The Bixby name comes from her great- great grandparents, Lillian and William K. Bixby, who worked very hard to achieve the “American Dream.” They lived an adventurous life with incredible devotion and commitment to family as well as community in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That same adventurous spirit led Kate to expand her horizons by spending her last two years of high school studying abroad in France and China. She lived with host families and became immersed in their cultures. The travel abroad opened her heart to exotic cuisines and spices which inspire her creative recipes. After graduating from New York University and completing her graduate work at Parsons/Cooper Hewitt, Kate pursued her passion of combining cultural history with the culinary arts. She earned diplomas in pastry arts and culinary management from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), Manhattan and certificates from Ecole Chocolate, Vancouver.

Kate faced one of the most significant challenges of her life when her mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Determined to battle the disease with full resolve, her mother undertook an aggressive regimen of medical treatments. She also committed her family to an organic and natural foods diet, routine physical fitness, and the elimination of toxic soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents and plastics from the household. Kate’s mother remains cancer free to this day. Her mother’s courageous example greatly influenced Kate’s mission.